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Kathryn Lindberg: Light to Heavy Pressure

Kathryn Linderg, LMBT# 11677

Kathryn Lindberg is an experienced professional who has been practicing massage therapy since 2011. She was trained at Miller-Motte in Cary and has grown her experience and passion through a variety of therapeutic methods. She began her career with emphasis on deep therapeutic massage. She discovered she possesses an innate sense for seeking out muscle issues and applying her signature technique for resolution and relief.

This past August Kathryn took an in-depth oncology course that re-educated her on the nurturing touch. She learned to understand different types of cancer and their treatments, and how massage therapy can assist with the healing process.

This adaptation focuses on a gentle and nurturing touch, while Kathryn's varied background allows her to tailor the massage experience to each client's needs and restrictions. This new education shifted Kathryn's focus to compassionate therapy, recognizing that the beauty of touch isn't in the power and strength, but in the intent.

Clients currently undergoing oncology treatments will experience touch and therapy designed to:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Decrease depression
  • Decrease nausea and pain
  • Increase sleep quality and length
  • Increase immune system function

Clients with an oncology history will also appreciate Kathryn's adaptations and experience similar benefits.

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