Moment of Peace Massage

Services and Prices

Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deep layers of muscles and connective tissues to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.


Relaxation Services

Peaceful Moment Massage: Full body relaxation massage utilizing Swedish massage techniques. Usually light to medium pressure. 1hr $55.00  1 1/2 hr $75.00

Tummy Time for Mommy (pre-natal): A relaxing massage to help expectant mothers with pregnancy aches and pains, especially low back and feet. We have a special body cushion system, so you can lay on your belly!!!                          1hr $55.00  1 1/2 hr $75.00

Reflexology:  Starting with a warm towel infused with aromatherapy, helps to awaken your senses. Our bodies’ blueprints are found on our  hands, feet, ears, and face. These areas are guides to help stimulate organ function through touch. 1/2 hr $30.00  1hr $55.00  

Chakra Balancing: Connecting you and your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Keeping energy balanced helps us respond to life with  awareness. *Energy work* 1/2 hr $30.00 (Brandy only)


Therapeutic Services

Lymphatic Massage: A light massage used to promote healthy flow of lymph. The lymphatic system is responsible for the health of our  immune system; lymph is a clear fluid that flows through out our bodies, collecting toxins. This type of massage helps locate any  imbalance/blockage in the system and reestablishes a healthy flow, helping move toxins out of the body. * Not appropriate for people with active infections. 1hr $60.00  1 1/2 hr $80.00  (Brandy Only)

Muscle Therapy: An intermediary massage bridging between relaxation and medical modalities. Incorporates techniques for more superficial focus work while leaving you feeling rejuvenated. 1 hr $60.00  1 1/2 hr $80.00 

Orthopedic Massage: A more specifically focused massage utilizing various modalities to address deeper structures to break up scar tissue  and other fascial adhesions, promote proper muscular engagement and peak performance, and assist injury rehabilitation. Modalities used may  include:                                                                                                                                                                           Cupping: A vacuum is created, allowing the skin to be lifted to promote circulation and break up fascial restriction. Often times, there is a resulting petichiae, or light bruising.  

 Myofascial Release: A technique using sustained pressure and oppositional forces to create a stretch in the fascial (connective tissue) system aimed at eliminating restrictions and facilitating more fluid movement. Sometimes tools are used to break up fascial adhesions and further promote circulation.                                    

Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue: Designed to relieve severe tension in the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, as well as balance the central nervous system with the musculosketal system. Muscle soreness is common after receiving this treatment.     1 hr $70.00  1 1/2 hr $100.00


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